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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 6, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've got today's best videos right here, right this minute. it's a beautiful fire balloon festival. >> but keep watching. >> because the crowd is about to panic as things go terribly wrong. >> my name is john. >> we showed you the viral video of a desperate father. >> her life is over. this is my daughter. >> now, hear the story of what happened to his daughter and the grandchild he lost. >> she was five months pregnant at the time. that's the little guy's feet. >> plus, a little boy watching right this minute is scared of santa. >> i'll be coming to your house. >> and a nature video we call --
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gorillas in the wind. >> why this little lady might be getting too much fiber. each year in myanmar there's a fire balloon festival. it draws thousands of people. there are images all over the internet. when you think of fire balloons you think of the small balloons. these are the size of hot air balloons. as they go into the air, there are also fireworks and rockets in the basket. pretty incredible if you get to witness this in myanmar. >> what if that thing lands on the roof of my house and sets my neighborhood on fire. >> you're on to something with the idea maybe there is a little fear involved. one video in particular that we found that was shot by a photographer named kyle mela from this year's fire balloon festival. notice the fireworks are beginning to ignite before this balloon is in the air.
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keep watching. >> oh! . >> geez. >> wow! >> that looks pretty bad. >> as you notice the people who were running toward that balloon are now high tailing it out of there and for good reason. apparently this kind of thing happens more often than you would like to think. he here's a video from 2009 of something similar happening. >> oh, no thefireworks arediheeople. >> they do it every year in the cityp. i think there is really to be a little fearful if you're heading out to this balloon festival. >> it's really cool but things go wrong and when they go wrong they're really bad. a lot of people think that drinking and driving will never affect them. it won't happen to them.
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>> it's impossible to forget this video that i showed you yesterday. john is the father of a 20-year-old woman. her name is kelli. >> this is my daughter. >> she was hit by an accused drunk driver. her injuries were so severe she lost one third of her brain and she now lives in a persistent vegetative state. >> please don't drink and drive. >> we were able to track john down and learned the entire story. the truck being driven by 26-year-old matthew moore ran a red light and t-boned into the car that kelli was in, at 85 miles an hour roughly. in the car was her friend jeremy price and her 7-month-old baby. she was also five months pregnant at the time. >> oh. >> kelli was a nursing student and her friend jeremy was a former star high school athlete. he ended up passing away because of the injuries. >> what about the baby?
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>> i want to show you my grandson. >> unfortunately her unborn child suffered traumatic brain injuries and he did end up passing away. to tell us more we have john via skype right this minute all the way from dallas. >> this is my daughter and grandson. this is the grandson that was in the back seat when that drunk driver hit her. he got a traumatic brain injury as well. i want to show you the first thing i saw when i got here to dallas. she cared and loved everybody. she was five months pregnant at the time. that's the little guy's feet. little feet. and he passed away that night. the only way we're going to change this drinking and driving and get it to stop is change minds and hearts one at a time. by making this video i think that -- well i tried to do that. >> the drunk driver that struck the car your car was in, what's his status now? >>s his name is matthew moore.
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he was almost twice the legal limit. he was not injured. he's currently awaiting trial. >> her medical bills are already in the millions. how do you think you're going to pay for them? are you trying to raise money? >> i'm poor, disabled. and i'm just doing the best i can. i've got to give her a decent quality of life. i'll do whatever it takes. >> please don't drink and drive. northern california has been battered by serious storms and some redwoods didn't make it. check this out on a road betweens crescent city and humble, california. now you can see road crews are there trying to clean stuff up, get the road cleared away so people can get through. the one tree wasn't the only one that fell. >> oh.
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>> almost went right in the back of their truck. >> it almost did. they had to move this truck out of the way because the trees didn't stop falling. you always hear about mudslides and heavy rains kind of weaken the soil. well that's what happened here because the trees weren't done collapsing. >> yeah. >> right there. those are the roots. the roots are coming up. watch. >> oh, geez. >> oh, wow. that was a huge, old tree. >> what do you call that? road closed. pilot had to be helped from his plane after he kind of missed sticking the landing. he wound up putting his light aircraft into some high tension power lines in south korea. the plane hit the wires and sort of flipped upside down and is
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caught in 22,900 volts -- ♪ >> -- of course they turned the power off before they tried to fetch this guy. not the place you want to land. these guys have to be hoisted up there to rescue the pilot. you can see the pilot in the blue jacket. >> where was he trying to land? it looks like it's over water. was he trying to do a water land sfg? >> no word as to where he was trying to go, anywhere near the airport or just flying too low and didn't notice the power lines. luckily the power lines didn't break. >> can you imagine sitting up there as long as he had to sit up there waiting to get rescued knowing he's on power lines. you have to wait for them to turns the power off, and then winch up there and get you. maybe i should have listened to my wife and not bought the plane. >> he waited for about two hours. thankfully he had a fully charged cell phones and was playing angry birds the whole time. >> seriously? >> no. ♪
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all right. everybody, video to go is coming up. if watching our somehow right now with a laptop or tablet nearby this is for you. >> don't go away during the break. sit back and relax and click best of rtm what it looks and sounds like when 1 million fire crackers going off and then continue watching the show. >> still to come -- >> a rescue at a puppy mill. cages all over the house. >> then they went back into this little shack and that's where they spotted billy. >> this is so heartbreaking. >> see how heartbreaking goes to heartwarming next. >> it's all caught on camera, the great bulldozer slip. >> break this one down. what actually happened? [ male announcer ] this commercial is not about getting fios; it's about getting fios. that moment after you finally got it, that you actually get it. when you can see blades of artificial grass
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makes me laugh every single
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day. >> adam is part of the animal rescue for the humane society they're in north carolina, somebody was keeping a puppy mill and not in good shape. >> and what we saw here was pretty typical of what we see everywhere. just a complete disregard for their emotional or physical health. >> look at these dogs. that one dog looked like it was blind in an eye. this dog is biting on its back. who knows what kind of skin condition it has. but then they went back into this little shack and that's where they spotted billy. >> i immediately saw a cage with a small chihuahua in it. >> if you notice, billy doesn't have part of the jaw. >> i went to try to open the cage and the latch was actually rusted shut. >> he's got billy, probably hasn't been out of that cage in years. >> i can hardly watch this, gayle. this is so heartbreaking.
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all of these dogs are so under loved and under cared for. >> when i got this little guy out, he laid his head on my shoulder and at that moment, i felt responsible for him. and i felt responsible for making sure that he was never going to have to suffer like that again. >> and he's not suffering, beth. the good news is, he's all cleaned up now and they're looking to give him a home. >> this little guy, despite all he's been through, really very quickly, his whole personality came out. it was so wonderful to be able to see what a character he is. >> oh. >> that little tongue hanging out. >> it's incredible that these dogs trust humanses at all after what they went through. downhill tubing fail.
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>> on video. >> i got a few russian dash cam videos that are going to take a trained professional video eye to show you what's actually happening. >> that's us. that's our eyes. >> a jeep passes a long line of traffic. see the jeep go out of view and then a few seconds later in the opposite direction, you see a large load coming the opposite way. >> oh, no. >> it's a bulldozer that's fallen off of the flatbed trailer it was carrying. >> the driver didn't notice? >> seems like it would make some noise. >> let's break this down. what happened? boom. did you see that? >> the jeep caught the big wide load? >> exactly. if you watch closely you can see the bulldozer fall off. >> oh, yeah. you can see it. >> and as the slow-moving traffic continues to creep forward, you see the jeep with his flashers on in the middle of the road.
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>> oh, man. >> next video, snowy road. dash cam, watch closely and tell me who's wrong at first. >> oh! no, you're kidding me. >> now it's the people. you can't cross there. wrong, mr. fabian. watch closely, to your right where the people are standing, see that blue reflective sign and then the light that starts to flash. it is a crosswalk that's covered in snow. this guy either, a, didn't see it, or, b, wasn't paying attention. >> or didn't care. this is a russian dash cam video. whatever, i don't pay attention to traffic signs. >> even as a pediatrician you have to use common sense, if you see a car not stopping even though you have the right of way, just wait. >> i still blame the people. i don't care if you're at the cross walk. these cars are going fast on. >> snowy roads. just wait.
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>> crazy wild. >> which means it's physical. >> see how dangerous it gets next "right this minute." still to come, a video that shows what would happen if kids became the parents and parents became the kids. >> did you finish your expense report. >> yes. >> it would be a really weird world. >> see what it's like on the flip side. >> a group of skiers head to hit the slopes and town. >> to get a little idea of the culture in chile. [ male announcer #1 ] verizon fios is the fastest internet in america.
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welcome back to the show. but don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. >> what would the world be like if the parents played the role of the kids? >> what are you still doing up? >> just going to get some water. >> okay. but you have to go right to bed. >> can i have some apple juice? >> let's flip the script with the video called the flip side parenting directed by jay diaz. >> did you finish your expense reports? >> yes. no. >> you know you have that big meeting tomorrow. >> i'm almost done with this level. >> go to your office now. >> fine. >> it's my turn now. >> it's always your turn. when do i get a turn. >> stop it. >> no. >> knock it off. if you don't stop i'm going to turn this car around and go home. >>s also taking unnecessary pictures and uploading them on facebook. a little girl taking a picture of her precious daddy napping. you got to love that.
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this one i loved a lot, asking to go to a concert. >> who's going? >> oh, it's just going to be five of us girls. >> and boys? >> hey, can i go to a concert tonight some. >> did you ask your daughter? >> she said it was okay. >> i haven't tried that tactic and it usually works. >> not just toddlers who are calling the shots in this video. babies getting in on it too. >> i was just going to go out. >> you're so unfair you never let me go out. what's wrong with i'm wearing? all the moms wear this. i'll be home before last call, okay? >> i think it's a good story and i've had a good time telling it. >> even after all that stuff he got to be president? >> read it again. >> funny videos. see the entire thing head to and click on best of rtm.
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it's winter which means skiing and snowboarding is in full swing. this is in chile in the chilean andes and these group of skiers caught a lot on the slopes but this video is a little different because they decided to also hit the town to just get a little idea of the culture in chile around the mountains. so the video is titled flight which is what they're doing throughout. ♪ >> it's cool because it looks like the kids are flying, the skiers fly kites. did you notice that. >> yeah. >> this is a poetic video. ♪
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it's a rare moment in nature caught on camera when this lady gorilla gets a bit too comfortable. >> she just sits down, starts enjoying a little bamboo shoot. >> it's what she does next that may be a little unladylike.
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i have to warn you, you may cry because of overload in this next video. i have found the best duo of street performers ever. we believe this is in poland and take a listen. ♪ >> are you kidding me? ♪ >> the baby knows all the lyrics. >> i don't know if the baby knows the lyrics or just knows the pitch or how the song kind of goes. it's crazy. when the street performer stops the baby keeps going for a solo. >> no. ♪ >> if that doesn't break your heart, doesn't get you in the holiday spirit, i don't know what will. ♪
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>> something was caught on camera that we don't often experience. i'm going to call this video gorillas in the wind. >> gorillas in the wind. >> this is in rwanda and that's a female mountain gorilla. not something you catch on camera very often. especially this close. now she doesn't seem to be alarmed by the camera and shes just sits down, starts enjoying a little bamboo shoot. >> got that belly. eating a lot of that stuff. >> keep watching. >> she looks right into the camera for a solid ten seconds like something is coming here. >> she hikes up to do it. does a -- well, i'm -- >> okay. please tell me this is real. >> people are asking. this was shot by the guy who was a client of natural world safari, named richard. we believe that he just captured this moment on camera.
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>> she does look kind of bloated. >> i know. >> she looks a little gassy. >> she has a belly. >> that sounded pretty potent. >> what does a gorilla fart smell like? talk about a rare moment. >> that didn't cross your mind just for a second? >> no. >> that was deep. >> you know what, i don't care if this turns out to be fake because it cracked me up. >> gorillas in the wind. a clapping cat. ♪ we got to thank one of our viewers tia shields for this video. she submitted this on our facebook page. tia is hanging out with her son andy and look at what they're
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watching. they're watching "right this minute" our show. that's awesome. they're watching us talk about this video. you might remember this, a moment with santa. >> how are you today? i want you to know that you need to be very good boys and girls. >> santa voice was a little -- considered a little scary, a little menacing. look at how andy reacts when he hears that voice. >> i'll be coming to your house. >> oh! >> you can see little andy did not like that voice at all. i'm going to take responsibility for andy's tears. did i have a mustache at that time too? >> you can see andy is pretty torn up about this. you know what, i think andy will be on the good list this year. at least i hope. >> i think santa is going to make his way to his house and give him tons of gifts. >> how do he not be a good
2:28 pm
little boy. >> with a heart that big, how could he not? >> that mean old santa going to get you? it's okay. it's okay. >> i think maybe without santa's outfit on, maybe that's what makes it seem a little scary. >> thanks for watching, folks. we'll see you next time. [ male announcer ] this commercial is not about getting fios;
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